Authentic Touches

Updated: May 30, 2020

We all know those people that are uniquely dressed for every occasion with all things considered, not a hair out of place. But the ones that really stand out the most, the true fashion icon, is the person who encompasses a style all of their own. An authentic flare, a special collaboration of attire and accessories that show case their personal interest and allegiance with living a life that is good. Your jewelry is your mood, it accents your character and at the same time, it completes your outfit! Adding those finishing details that makes you, you. Whether you are man or woman, an ancient artifact or vintage treasure adds to the simple joys of life as well as bit of excitement. I will never forget a cameo ring my grandfather used to wear on his right hand ring finger. It was his signature emblem, the nose of the female figure carved of agate stone was almost wore off from all of the years. This was his elegant touch that combined with just a hint of his cologne and what made him unmistakable. Jewelry that fits your life style as well as your taste is feels just right.

Whitney Baldwins jewelry is a unique collection of that kind of meaningful. From South sea pearls and semi precious, precious stones, sterling silver and vintage finds combined with just the right finishes and can be custom made to to match your own personal style.

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